The benefits for small and medium enterprises

Increased Privacy

“I’ll come to your practice tomorrow, Doctor, but can you prescribe me something to get through the night?” Physicians all around the world are bombarded 24/7 by WhatsApp messages from patients asking for a remedy to their ailments. Not only is that remedy never going to come (in most countries it is illegal to prescribe through messaging services), but the experience of constantly feeling and hearing the buzzing of the telephone will probably end up taking its toll on the physician’s mental health as well.

What if doctors had a different phone line from their personal mobile number, one phone line they could receive calls on and one that had no WhatsApp messaging? One that they could answer no matter where just by connecting to the internet? We call it IntellECT® OTT Multimedia Telephony, but, hey, we can also call it a lifesaver!

Online Interview Software Tool OTT Multimedia Telephony
Online Interview Software Tool OTT Multimedia Telephony

Delivery Phone

The pizza parlour is growing. It’s big enough to have its own place, it already has regular customers and the owners are even thinking about deliveries around the neighbourhood. They need a phone line.

With IntellECT® OTT Multimedia Telephony, there is no need to even have a proper fixed line; mobile phones, tablets and personal computers act as calling devices. The phone line can be used on the go to get in touch with clients while delivering services. Also, since the whole team can have their own device connected to the same line, they can all take calls and never lose a customer. Now you have pizzas… and pizzazz.

Simplified interview processes

Conducting video interviews for hiring new talent is always a complex issue. Most of the time Human Resources personnel end up sharing their Skype profiles with candidates so they can meet online and have a video call. Naturally, the contact lists for those HR specialists end up looking like Telephone Books.

With a simple Call-Me Link on our IntellECT® OTT Multimedia Telephony solution, having a video call is as simple as sharing a URL that the candidate clicks on to be directed to the interview. Aside from having a webcam and a web browser, there is no need for downloading software or installing plugins. A simple click and the interview can begin. No phone-number sharing needed.

Online Interview Software Tool OTT Multimedia Telephony
Online Interview Software Tool OTT Multimedia Telephony



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