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A Possible Alternative to JAIN SLEE

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On my previous blog entry (“JAIN SLEE: Behind the claims”), I presented my findings and impressions of some claims made by JAIN SLEE vendors. Due to requests on this last post, I decided to discuss in more detail an alternative to JAIN SLEE. So, I would like to share with you the advantages that an alternative approach has over JAIN SLEE solutions:

High-level programming languages

As I discussed previously, at ECT we believe the future is to follow the IT industry trend of moving to higher level languages that are closer to web development and that are also easier to use and learn. This is the main reason why we, for instance, decided to use JavaScript, XML and HTML5 as an alternative to JAIN SLEE.

Let’s not forget the fact that JAIN SLEE is after all JAVA based and to the best of my understanding, JAVA is a very complicated language, which in turn makes JAIN SLEE also a very complex language with a steep learning curve. But everyone working the web knows how to program using JavaScript libraries.

Our comprehensive JavaScript libraries allow programmers working within an HTML5 browser to define new services using one unified JavaScript API for WebRTC as well as all the routing and media processing functions in your network. There are also easy-to-use high level tools that allow you, your end customers and other third parties to create and modify services without costly JAVA programmers.

Up-to-date approach

Let’s start with the fact that HTML5 and JavaScript are languages that are constantly being updated — the last ECMAScript® Language Specification was just released this last June.

On the contrary, JAIN SLEE is very old. Most likely it is also hopelessly outdated because its specification has not been changed since 2008. For instance, I found that its specification does not seem to mention anything about key service components, like mobile apps, web portals or WebRTC. In contrast, we are able to excel in integrating mobile apps, web interfaces and services into telecommunications services, as well as making cutting edge developments in WebRTC.

Proven approach

We are aware of the fact that having a value-added services platform that is agnostic of the network is possibly a utopian assumption. Nevertheless, throughout the years, our platform has proven itself in the field and currently runs in so many telco networks. But, you might wonder, how have we accomplished this?

We have achieved this by always maintaining a hierarchical and modular software architecture, which allows us to create new applications by simply reusing tried-and-true service enablers and building blocks, which in turn means that we provide high stability and reliability while being able to realize new requirements quickly, flexibly and with the greatest possible reliability.

As you can see, we are ready to empower you to tailor your own services with our proven and easy-to-use, service creation environment. So, do not hesitate to contact us to hear how we can help you succeed in the re-invention of your telecommunications business.

Diego Vivas