PlumbCare, a specialist team of plumbers and heating engineers working in the United Kingdom, needed help: they had three different contracts for landlines, mobile phones and broadband, and that meant expensive bills kept on coming month after month from everywhere. They needed a service that could combine the best of mobile and landline features, with cost control and seamless transition between office and field work, as their emergency call-outs required coordinate support from different engineers. Enter BT One Phone.

With the BT One Phone service, location is no longer an issue for PlumbCare, as they can now keep all their team members connected, no matter if they are at the office or in the field. Having a single, synchronised directory on every device means engineers can interact easily and directly. And those massive bills? Let’s just say PlumbCare’s money is no longer going down the drain.


“Flexibility” is the word that defines what BT One Phone brought to PlumbCare. The possibility to look the data usage of every user and set up warnings when they reach certain limit, instead of waiting for the end of the month and having to pay expensive services. Now, everything gets sorted out before it becomes a big problem.

Through ECT’s solutions, BT One Phone solved PlumbCare’s issues and there’s still room for improvement. Now that every call is always answered, PlumbCare is thinking how to use BT One Phone’s recording features to grow while they continue delivering the stellar customer service they are known for. As they say in the plumbing world, with BT One Phone, PlumbCare’s future looks unclogged.

Read the full case study in the hyperlink below.

PlumbCare Case Study

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