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One of the biggest trade shows on the planet sees European Computer Telecoms meeting with current and prospective customers to show them a vision of tomorrow.

Munich, March 6th, 2019 – And suddenly we stopped caring about which phone
had the biggest screen of them all. Suddenly, there were no more 10-inch phablets. Now, everyone was talking about phones with more screens than we have eyes for. Everyone was talking about foldable phones, even if we haven’t come up with something useful to do with those bendable screens. Who would’ve thought that, just about a decade after the end of the old 4:3 TV era, happiness as a consumer would be easily attained just by having a hi-res, $2,000USD, squared OLED panel in our pocket? Most of the time, technology is unpredictable, but this year’s MWC Barcelona surely was a demonstration of the unexpectedness to come.

As Technology Moves Forward, the Telecoms Industry Must Adapt

Just like we have been for many years, ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG) was present at the MWC Barcelona. With the Bayern Pavilion of Bayern International as our central hub, we connected with carriers and service providers from all over the world and listened attentively to their stories and challenges, their necessities and opportunities, as we presented them with our vision of tomorrow, a future currently reflected in our Joint Agile Product Development (JAPD). “As technology moves forward, the telecoms industry must adapt”, said Dr. Marshall Kavesh, CEO of ECT, at the event, where he had the opportunity to meet with more than a dozen CEOs and senior-level engineers within the telecom industry. “At ECT, we are helping companies to migrate their legacy services as well as develop their ideas through agile methodologies. We want them to deliver better and faster results so they can grow, evolve and, obviously, adapt to the new ever-changing conditions of the market.”

Supported by a wonderful year 2018 with increased revenue and profit, and an already brighter 2019, with a sales order backlog in excess of 11 million Euro, ECT’s presence at Barcelona’s MWC helped to develop new business relationships and to strengthen our current bonds with clients from more than 15 countries. During the four days of the event, we had the opportunity to live-demo our working-environment workstream collaboration solution, and to discuss the specific requirements of our customers.

If you couldn’t make it to Barcelona to meet with us, we can schedule an appointment in your offices and talk about how we can create the future together. We can even talk about foldable screens or any other trend that might debut at MWC. You just let us know.

Want to know more about us and our solutions in 2021? Let’s schedule a meeting.


ECT is Europe’s leading communications software company. With our virtualized INtellECT® Low-Code Application Platform, innovative service applications and our Joint Agile Product Development Program, major communications service providers worldwide realize their products with minimal costs and the shortest possible time-to-market.

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