As the CEO of ECT, I welcome you with great pleasure to the new ECT brand.

If you’ve known us in the past, you’ve surely noticed that something’s changed here. Known as we are for squeezing the most out of every penny, I guess you might be puzzled as to why we would suddenly make a major investment in a new ECT brand when the entire industry is cutting costs by slashing marketing budgets.

Let me assure you we haven’t given up our commitment to cost leadership. But our excellent financial performance last year and the continuing momentum of our business allow us to make targeted and well designed investments in our future.

Right now, our company is in the starting blocks for major developments and I hope you agree that it is the appropriate time to change our communications marketing to reflect this.

More Comprehensive Information On Our Company and Each Product Line

In the last twelve years, we’ve been active in several business areas that appeal to different target audiences. If you’re interested in ECT Ring Back, a mobile consumer service, it might be a bit annoying to be confronted with our effECTive® Network-Based Contact Center, which is a fixed, business service. It was hard to present our company and product lines within the context of one website and still maintain a close rapport with everyone.

So to provide more comprehensive information on our company and each product line as well as maintain a direct dialog with audiences that have very different interests, I decided to implement this corporate web site devoted just to our company, the way we do business and the continuing ECT story.

For each of our product lines, you will find independent websites with a slightly varied look and feel and a continuously growing wealth of specialist information. Please have a look at the first two, and Three more will follow in the coming months.

With the new websites, we’ve incorporated Web 2.0 features to establish even closer personal contact with all our stakeholders, customers, partners, employees, alumni and our friends from the Munich Chamber Orchestra. The whole idea is to start and maintain a focused exchange of ideas with everyone within our ecosystem, especially our customers and the experts in the various value-added services we enable.

In the corporate blog you’re now reading, our two CTO’s, Hans Huber and Walter Rott, and I will be posting weekly entries and we’re very much looking forward to your comments and questions. At each of our product web sites, you’ll also find a blog kept by the respective ECT product group. You can even follow us on Twitter under

All we now need for a dialog is your participation. So please start right here and let me know what you think of our new branding and corporate website.

Marshall E. Kavesh

Author Marshall E. Kavesh

Marshall E. Kavesh, born in 1960 in the Unites States, received his MA in Germanic Languages and Literatures at The University of Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. in Social Systems Sciences at the Wharton School of Business, continuing with postdoctoral studies Mathematical Logic at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. Prior to ECT, Marshall worked eight years in the telecommunications industry as a subcontractor for Siemens. Together with the other two company officers, Hans Huber and Walter Rott, Marshall founded ECT in 1998 and is a principle shareholder in the company. As CEO, Marshall is responsible for general management, sales, marketing and finances.

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  • blank Mikko Rattari says:

    Congratulations on the new “look & feel”, looks great!!! Good luck in the future and hope to run in to you sometime somewhere….

  • blank Frank Lammers says:

    Dear Dr. Kavesh,
    The impression I got about your new websites is really fantastic. Well done:

    Good information, professional, emotional, easy to use.

    Congratulation to you and your entire team!!!

    Best regards

    Frank Lammers

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