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At ECT, we take a certain pride in our flexibility when it comes to fulfilling customer demands. This also applies to the commercial side of our business. We offer both CAPEX and OPEX models and also offer different licensing models to customers, depending what suits them best.

Software Licensing Model: Pay-As-You-Grow

A popular model for software licensing which we can offer is pay-as-you-grow. The carrier buys a system that can handle a certain number of subscribers or Call Attempts Per Second (CAPS). Operators purchase licenses based upon their own projections and then see how the service evolves and how heavily it is used. If a service becomes more popular, depending on what type of service it is, the amount of subscribers or CAPS may no longer be sufficient. The carrier then purchases additional licenses to handle the increase in traffic.

Unlimited Licenses: One-Time Fee

Others prefer to buy unlimited licenses, so pay a one-time fee. I don’t really like the term but it is similar to a flat rate. You can have as much traffic on your system as you want as there is no upper limit defined by software. The hardware does, however, have a physical limit. When that is reached and there is the requirement for more capacity, our customers benefit from our scalable platform which runs on server farms and can easily be expanded by adding additional servers. Usually, operators who buy a very large system opt for this model.

This one-time-fee licensing model is less expensive for a large system than pay-as-you-grow, however, there is a sum of money that has to be paid although the full capacity may not be used. With pay-as-you-grow the cost for customers is more flexible and always proportionate to the actual revenue they generate with the service. You pay only for what you need and if your demand increases you get more.

So whatever licensing model suits best, whether our customers need a large-scaled system now or want it to grow with their subscriber base, we can offer a flexible licensing model to fit each business case. Should you need a completely different license model, please let me know. I’m sure we can make it possible.



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