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ECT to Provide Low-Code Robocall Blocking Solution to Leading North American Service Provider

• The new solution follows the STIR/SHAKEN standard and is realized using ECT’s Telecoms Low Code, allowing the CSP to easily customize the service to the changing needs of their network and their customers.

• Since the agreement is based upon actual usage fees, it does not require a major CapEx and allows the CSP to meet regulatory requirements cost-effectively.

Munich, November 14th, 2022 - ECT today announced that it has signed a multimillion-dollar contract with one of the largest communications service providers (CSPs) in North America. Using its Telecoms Low Code, ECT will compose a robocall blocking solution for this CSP, one of many providers who, due to recent regulations, must now implement robocall blocking in their network.
Calls automatically generated on a computer by telemarketers or political parties can be a real nuisance. But when these so-called robocalls use false caller IDs to make it look like the call is from a neighbor, local business or the government, they’re downright fraud. This is why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) require service providers in the U.S. and Canada to actively seek ways to combat robocalling.
Using its Telecoms Low Code, ECT is providing this configurable solution to this CSP to block robocalls based on the industry standards: Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) and Signature-Based Handling of Asserted Information using toKENs (SHAKEN). The low-code robocall-blocking application uses STIR/SHAKEN to distinguish between legitimate calls and those with false caller IDs. Calls are classified, and configurable call flows process each call depending on its level of attestation.
"Illegal robocalls are the biggest complaint from telephone users in the U.S., with the FCC reporting more than 4 billion calls received per month," said Omar Salazar, ECT's Managing Director of Americas. “With ECT's individualized robocall blocking solution, this CSP gets not only a FCC-compliant solution, but also the ability to adapt easily to changes both in its telecoms network as well as in its market. Telecoms Low Code facilitates highly reliable and timely implementation, and as it is licensed based upon actual usage, applications composed with Telecoms Low Code do not entail major capital investments prior to launch,” said Salazar.
The robocall blocking application will include a full set of features, integration points and user interfaces based on the specific requirements of this CSP, its network and its customers’ requirements. Telecoms Low Code allows easy creation and modification of both the backend (SIP interconnectivity, integration with third-party systems, CDRs, statistics and reporting, etc.), as well as the frontend (web interfaces and mobile apps). Moreover, once the Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP) is implemented in a CSP’s network, it can easily be used to create and continuously enhance other network and business services.

About ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG)

ECT is a tech company dedicated to better business outcomes for communications service providers (CSPs) and their customers. With our Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP), Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs), Ready-to-Use Apps and agile co-development, we enable CSPs to compose, enhance and individualize telecoms services and products implemented within their telecoms network. We believe that business customers are ready to pay a premium price for reliable, individualized services, continuously evolving in cooperation with their trusted CSP. Toward this end, we collaborate with CSPs long-term and continuously, responding agilely to new and changing use cases, requests from individual customers, and emerging opportunities. Research and development are also a top ECT priority: We consult closely with leading analysts, implement emerging technologies and products early, and then test their viability together with the CSPs in our ecosystem. In addition to our own direct sales and service, primarily in Europe, we also partner with Nokia Networks which offers our products and services worldwide. Together with our clients and our partner Nokia, we at ECT enjoy meeting challenges and creating opportunities.
Founded in 1998, ECT is an unlisted German public company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in England, The Netherlands and the USA.
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