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A made-to-measure solution saved the day at my best friend’s wedding.

I recently got a special call from the happy couple after they received the wedding album. They wanted to thank me for helping my friend look his best during his big day. I was happy for a second, but immediately my thoughts went back to the countless unsuccessful visits he had to shops for a suit. We visited what felt like thousands because we believed he would look good in an off-the-rack suit. Luckily, I convinced him that made-to-measure was the best option for him.

Bespoke Solutions Play A Very Important Role

The point I’m trying to make is that bespoke solutions play a very important role in our telecommunications industry. For more than 20 years, communications service providers have been purchasing made-to-measure value-added services from ECT. What we and our customers have realized is that standard off-the-rack does not fit our clients’ needs and that tailored solutions resulting from waterfall methodology can sometimes come too late. What good is a perfect wedding suit that arrives one day too late? For this reason, telecommunications services and solutions customized for the end user must be launched without delay, exactly when they are needed.

Launching innovative services that match the specific needs of the market before the fast-paced OTT providers do, is key for our customers. This has shifted how we do business. To respond to fast-changing market requirements, we have converted our R&D to agile methodology and we have also instituted a direct agile collaboration approach with our customers around our Joint Agile Product Development (JAPD)— the topic of this blog.

In a way, our new JAPD approach aims to solve problems that my friend had while looking for a suit and that you as a communication service provider might also be facing:

  • Long shopping tours looking for an off-the-rack suit that maybe does not even exist — doesn’t it sound kind of like that lengthy tender process for a solution you purchased?
  • Painful modification of an off-the-rack suit without really achieving a suit that fits perfectly in the end — maybe this sounds like the ever-growing change request packages you keep ordering for fitting the solution to your market needs, right?

I understand that the industry is changing and that the needs of people using our products might vary from country to country. A traditional waterfall approach was not a long-term viable option. That is the reason why we have not only moved to agile development in-house, but also open our agile development towards our customers so that we can jointly develop made-to-measure solutions that are tested and tailored also with our customers.

Are you looking to launch an innovative solution to the market? Do you have to materialize a product idea to fit one of your needs? We achieve this together via our Joint Agile Product Development. We can help you launch solutions that fit your market’s needs by creating and fine-tuning services together directly in your test or development network — taking ECT’s solutions as an initiation point or start from your own product ideas or known market needs.

For more information and for catching up on ECT innovative solutions, please get in touch with us. Also, if you are attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, let us know — we would love to see you there.

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Diego Vivas

Diego Vivas

Diego joined us in Munich in 2016 as an Innovation Manager, but, after successfully helping to conceive the next generation of ECT solutions, he founded our new Joint Agile Product Development Department, of which he is now the Head. He has a Joint MSc in Global Innovation Management from the Hamburg University of Technology and the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.

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