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Our Televoting Solution Shines Once Again in Eurovision Spotlight

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“Douze points!” for Reliability to our Massive Televoting Solution

Eurovision. Of course, it’s still on everyone’s mind, and why wouldn’t it be? It has a voter turnout that will surely put the European elections to shame, and it inexplicably includes Australia! What’s not to like? In a competition where Madonna and a dentist from San Marino can share the same stage, truly anything is possible.

Anything up to and including human error, whether on stage or in the tallying of votes. But a televoting error? With us, that’s a no.

“The EBU [European Broadcasting Union] can confirm, following standard review practices, we have discovered that due to a human error an incorrect aggregated result was used. This had no impact on the calculation of points derived from televoting across the 41 participating countries and the overall winner and Top 4 songs of the [Eurovision Song Contest 2019] remain unchanged,” they said in a press release from Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

182 M viewers in 2019 and 40 markets all around Europe

"Our effECTive® Televoting platform is a robust and powerful solution like no other."
Marshall Kavesh

By providing our effECTive® Televoting system to major carriers in Germany, Sweden and other countries, ECT has supported the annual Eurovision Song Contest in Europe for many years running. Our solution allows callers to vote for their favorite performers, and event organizers and networks to track the tally in real-time. It supports thousands of call attempts and messages per second (CAPS) and it’s highly redundant and reliable.

“It’s our tried and true technology that imbues our platform with the reliability and stability our customers require for mass calling events like the Eurovision Song Contest,” says Dr. Marshall E. Kavesh, CEO of ECT. “Our effECTive® Televoting platform is a robust and powerful solution like no other”.

Televoting Solution in Eurovision

Does a single vote make a difference? Probably not. It all likely depends on the gap between the winner and the rest of the contestants. It could be that the victor smashes the rest by such a large margin that a single mistake wouldn’t be of importance. It might also be a vote count so tight that a single error would unjustly turn the tide in favor of an undeserving participant.

The important point here is that even if a single vote makes no difference, this doesn’t matter to ECT. That is because reliability and stability are the key features of our televoting solution. So, keeping that in mind, here’s to another successful year bringing in those results, and here’s to the many more that will hopefully follow.

Congratulations to Duncan Laurence and the Netherlands for the victory! It was well deserved (and correct), we’re sure…


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