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This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) was the biggest in the event’s history, with its 108,000 visitors and 2,300 exhibitors coming from 208 countries. From established IT giants, car manufacturers to mobile operators and phone manufacturers, the event brought together companies from a variety of sectors to promote their brands, products and technologies.

For most visitors, the MWC was a good opportunity to see and try the latest technologies, such as drones, virtual reality, robots, smart cities, autonomous driving, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Key Telecom Players Were Still The Heart Of This Fair

Key telecom players were still the heart of this fair. They showcased their current and coming technologies such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV), 5G networks, and Apps which deliver more enhanced features than the known Over-The-Top (OTT) applications.

I was particularly interested in the companies delivering or dealing with technologies such as NFV, WebRTC and OTT applications. When I checked the MWC web-portal, I found around 200 companies that deal with NFV, 8 with WebRTC and 8 with OTT. These are the technologies that carriers have to pay attention to in order to deliver enhanced and innovative services. In addition, these technologies also provide greater flexibility in carriers’ network infrastructures, lower their CAPEX/OPEX costs and reduce time to market for products they want to launch commercially.

I noticed a common denominator across these areas. In all my searches for NFV, WebRTC and OTT, European Computer Telecoms AG (ECT) was listed. Of course, ECT also delivers additional services for telecom operators, such as migrating services from legacy platforms due to end of life/end of service; moving services from TDM to new soft-switches, IMS or VoLTE networks; Number Portability; Cloud Based Contact Center; Interactive Visual Response and Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). However, it looks like the focus for carriers was on the three topics of NFV, WebRTC and OTT.

This interest has been reflected in the recent experience of ECT. For example, earlier this year, when a major European incumbent issued an RFP for Network Transformation and the migration of services from a legacy E/// IN to IMS, it wanted a virtualized solution with NFV. Also this year, a Scandinavian provider issued an RFP for the migration of its highly, customized service from a legacy IN to an IMS solution and a Service Delivery Platform. They both chose ECT.

Last year ECT won a tender at a major European incumbent for Service Delivery Platform for all its mobile and broadband services connected with Nokia and Huawei IMS. This project is currently being delivered as a virtualized solution with NFV and will be completed within the next few weeks.

As a carrier, do T-Mobile’s Digits, O2’s Message+Call and Deutsche Telekom’s Immmr spark your interest? I could clearly see it as many people working for carriers visited ECT’s stand during the MWC to get more information about our OTT Multimedia Telephony product, and to see a live demo. Unlike infrastructure vendors, we at ECT are completely focused on enabling the most innovative services with complete solutions implemented with the shorter possible time-to-market.

Over the past few months, we have been helping accelerate and deliver innovative cloud services with WebRTC at leading communications service providers, such as Proximus in Belgium, KCOM in the UK and DNA in Finland.

We had many meetings and even did 25 demos, all in just four days. I personally had a great time showing visitors our OTT Multimedia Telephony and Interactive Visual Response, discussing our NFV architecture and getting so much encouraging feedback. I want to thank all our visitors for contributing to this great MWC experience.

Overall, we at ECT were proud to once again be part of the Mobile World Congress. We enjoyed having the chance to showcase our solutions and the added value they can bring to telecom operators.

We are looking forward to another successful MWC event in 2018.

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Metin Sezer

Metin Sezer

Metin Sezer was born 1977 in France and joined ECT in 2000. Metin is an ECT veteran, having joined the company in 2000 and held many positions in software development, presales, product management and sales. Within the framework of ECT’s management development program, Metin completed his MBA at the LIMAK Austrian Business School with a thesis on the business potential of WebRTC. Metin became the Director of ECT’s new Product Innovation Department in 2015 and has now been named Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Metin is French of Turkish origin and fluent in English, Turkish, German and French, and currently learning Spanish, which all makes him a particularly appropriate representative of the international corporate culture at ECT.

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