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TalkTalk, UK'S leading value for money consumer and B2B telecoms provider, recognized its customers' urgent need for a simple and yet complete call screening service that would tackle the scourge of nuisance calls. TalkTalk conducted a thorough tendering process, looking for a virtualized, next-generation solution that would allow a launch as quickly as possible. ECT was awarded the contract and completed the entire project in only seven months.

Munich, February 5, 2018: ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG), Europe’s leading communications software company for the realization of value-added services in next-generation networks, has provided the technology behind CallSafe, TalkTalk’s new call screening service.

The average Brit misses at least one important call a month in an attempt to avoid speaking to an unwanted caller. Over the course of a year, this potentially represents a staggering 300 million potentially important calls being missed across Britain. TalkTalk research revealed that 61% of Brits admit they now regularly ignore their landlines to avoid unwanted calls. Recognizing the problem and to help empower customers to reclaim their home phones once again, TalkTalk decided to launch as quickly as possible a free service that screens unwanted calls.

In choosing ECT as its technology vendor, it was essential to TalkTalk that the new service be implemented speedily, including the integration with TalkTalk’s existing frontend and backend systems. True to its mission to deliver affordable, reliable, simple and fair services, TalkTalk also wanted to reduce both capital and operational expenditures by implementing a virtualized solution on their existing IT infrastructure.

ECT realized the completely redundant solution in TalkTalk’s data center, installing the hypervisor and the virtual images for all of its platform components, including application servers, media resource function, web servers and data warehousing. This enabled TalkTalk to avoid purchasing or maintaining dedicated hardware. ECT also developed the CallSafe service on its INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform and provided the network integration, including among other things the API’s to TalkTalk’s existing portals, billing and provisioning systems.

Fightback Against Nuisance Calls

With the new CallSafe service, TalkTalk customers can now fightback against nuisance calls and ensure they only speak with someone they want to. Customers can use the service to block certain numbers and can also screen callers. In addition, the new service offers advantages over the competitive services BT Call Protect and Sky TalkShield, such as unlimited block lists, and unlike the BT service, it’s free of charge.

Tristia Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, TalkTalk, says: “We’re tackling the industry-wide issue of unwanted calls head on. Protecting our customers is incredibly important to us and we’re committed to eliminating the disruption caused by unwanted callers. It would be a real shame if landlines became obsolete just because we are too afraid to pick them up. CallSafe provides our customers with a free and simple way to avoid unwanted calls, enhancing their call security and allowing them take back control of their landlines – hopefully saving them from extinction in the process.”

“We at ECT are proud to have contributed to the success of this new TalkTalk service,” says Marshall E. Kavesh, cofounder and CEO of ECT. “And we look forward to working with TalkTalk on future projects in their quest to always be the leading value for money provider in the UK.”

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