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It sounds like a philosophical question: why are we here? But I’m not talking about human existence in general but why is ECT around even though we’re facing very stiff competition from vendors that are so much bigger than we are?

In Germany, we’re not alone. The German economy is famous for small and mid-sized companies which are highly specialized, internationally successful and still run by their founders. German mid-sized companies are considered the backbone of the economy here. These companies stay true to themselves and they live and breathe the work ethics that made them successful. This boils down to reliability, honesty, strict discipline and of course pure hard work. Work ethics in combination with innovation and the ability to question yourself and your actions every day are crucial factors for a company to survive.

There is another key factor – the ability to change. This recognition became clear to me after having read an article in the German weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” and I think it’s applicable to our company. Companies with the ability and the willingness to change but which stay true to their core values, survive. It may sound paradox but there’s more than a grain of truth in the motto: be conservative and progressive at the same time.

We Take Pride In Our Independence

Our way to do business is very conservative. We focus on organic growth and always emphasize our positive cash-flow. We take pride in our independence.

In terms of products, we are a very progressive company. When ECT first started business, we were selling pre-paid solutions. Once we saw the first signs that the demand was diminishing, we had to evolve our technology. Over the years, we have become an industry-leading vendor of voice and multimedia value-added services. Our platform is the best on the market and we have become a forerunner in cloud-based voice services, such as network-based contact centers.

We have even evolved further and developed our own programming language ECTXML® in which all our applications are written. With a partner program for ECTXML® and licensing models we will add a slice to our portfolio and become a software vendor in addition to being a provider of value-added services and NGIN solutions.

All these things evolved over time. Ideas matured, economic necessity fostered certain strategic decisions. But at the bottom line, it is our ability to change and to focus on what made us strong without ever neglecting our virtues that explains why we’re still here and doing well.



ECT is Europe’s leading communications software company. With our virtualized INtellECT® Low-Code Application Platform, innovative service applications and our Joint Agile Product Development Program, major communications service providers worldwide realize their products with minimal costs and the shortest possible time-to-market.

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