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When you buy from ECT, there are typically three common scenarios why you choose to add value to your network with ECT products. They all have to do with our INtellECT® NGIN.

You want to reduce your OPEX.

With the INtellECT® NGIN carriers get one platform for many services instead of many platforms for one service each. E.g. you can run a ring back tone system plus a virtual PBX on the same platform. Many carriers use platforms that can only speak to a TDM network but can’t handle IMS. Our technology enables you to offer services using both environments seamlessly. Additionally, if you need a platform that can speak most specific vendor proprietary protocol variants, we’re the ones to help you.

You current platform is end-of-life.

The vendor of your previous solution has declared end-of-life or end-of-service and you have to migrate to a new platform. This is something we have a lot of experience in. A large amount of our business is migration so if you’re looking for true migration experts, ECT is the company to contact.

Network transformation

This is another area of expertise for ECT. Carriers are gradually moving from their TDM networks to IMS and ultimately to LTE. In order to do voice with LTE you need an IMS core. The transformation to LTE happens in several stages so part of the legacy network keeps running. This means you need a platform that works in hybrid networks and can do TDM and IMS simultaneously. When you switch off TDM for good you can just keep your services running on the same platform.

Our platform is tested in the field and runs in ever so many networks. Over the years we’ve learned how to integrate the platform seamlessly and evolved it. It really doesn’t matter where your core network comes from. We can integrate all standard protocols and their variants like SS7, INAP, SIP, ISUP or CAMEL. Of course we can handle most vendor-proprietary variants.



ECT is Europe’s leading communications software company. With our virtualized INtellECT® Low-Code Application Platform, innovative service applications and our Joint Agile Product Development Program, major communications service providers worldwide realize their products with minimal costs and the shortest possible time-to-market.

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