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Workstream Collaboration Services, the ECT Way

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According to a recent Gallup survey, almost half of Americans have worked remotely one way or another, with workstream collaboration usage increasing by at least 50% in the last 20 years. Despite time-zone differences, working with someone half the world away (and completing daily tasks more effectively) isn’t a far-fetched idea anymore, thanks to collaborative tools and solutions.

During the last fifteen years, a wide range of online collaboration strategies, platforms and solutions for getting us together started popping up here and there, with internet technology forging new and shorter pathways of communication between the continents.

50% workstream collaboration increase in the last 20 years

50% of Americans have worked remotely
Communication has been the prevalent word of our time, but its goal has evolved from a ‘let’s get together’ affair to a ‘let’s get our ideas together’ skill.

Walking the walk

Tools to simplify long-distance communication were the first and most obvious solution: Skype and Viber were at the forefront of the new voice-over-IP app market. Messaging and video solutions abounded as well. And then, we had a smorgasbord of services available for every single human activity we can think of. From open-source projects to niche services, from unified communications to workstream collaboration tools, communication has been the prevalent word of our time. Its goal has evolved from a ‘let’s get together’ affair to a ‘let’s get our ideas together’ skill.

We at ECT are aware of the changes our industry faces. Where others find reasons to be followers, we believe carriers and CSPs need tools to help their businesses to be market makers. They have a choice to make: to become simple data pipes for hire, carrying someone else’s apps and data, or to distinguish themselves from other providers with something more than simply the speed of their networks. What if CSPs had the possibility to offer the same experiences OTT services do but, at the same time, give customers a carrier-led solution with direct integration into their network and numbers?

We go from PC to tablet to phone to PC seamlessly during those meetings, just as we think it should be a standard.

Workstream Collaboration Powered by the Carrier

ECT Workspace, our carrier-grade workstream collaboration solution for service providers, takes the tried-and-true reliability and stability DNA that all our services share, and brings it to the business communication market. As a matter of fact, we at ECT use it ourselves for daily internal and external meetings, and with colleagues around the world working in Mexico, Paris or the Netherlands. We go from PC to tablet to phone to and back to PC seamlessly during those meetings, a practice we think should be standard. As our solution is carrier-centric, our phone numbers can be used anywhere –as long as there is an internet connection– without relying on OTT providers. No more dozens of apps for internal teams or different notifications for different services. After all, we are really interested in solutions that leverage the strengths of carriers… and there’s more.

With ECT Workspace, we can search easily in one single place through our phone calls, emails and messages (and even meetings) and share files. All of that from a simple web browser tab. No time-consuming installation processes, licenses or extra hardware. Creating, accessing and answering calls and messages is intuitive and simple, and there’s no lack of options for those willing to work together: groups and meetings are at the core of our solution, so recording, screen sharing and links for external participants are available, among many other useful possibilities, as well. After all, that’s what workstream collaboration is all about!

The Growth of Collaboration Tools

The growth of collaboration tools gives customers an array of options to choose from when looking for an all-encompassing solution: there are those who emphasize their integration with certain working environments, and there are others who talk about the security features of their product. With ECT Workspace, we deliver what our customers have come to expect from us: the highest standards in security and integration; the reliability and stability that our services have always guaranteed; and the ability to customize our solution to meet your company’s needs.

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