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Hammersmith-based boutique investment bank, FirstCapital, needed a sophisticated phone system to improve communication with its clients all over the world. “There’s been a massive conversion over the last few years in how communication happens between us and our clients,” says Piers Hartland-Swann, Managing Director of FirstCapital. First, they needed a transparent system between their offices and colleagues on the go. “We don’t have control of how our clients want to contact us. If they want to use [Google] Hangouts, we need to be able to use Hangouts.” That and much more is what they got from BT One Phone, an ECT-powered solution.

BT One Phone has made a big difference.

If I’m not at my desk, I can use my phone [in ways] I couldn’t before. The ability to be completely indifferent to how I communicate when I’m overseas makes a massive difference.”

Piers Hartland-SwannManaging Director of FirstCapital

From taking important calls on the move to being more in control of the deals they’re working on, customers have massively benefited from having BT One Phone. Peter Wolfers, Chief Operating Officer of FirstCapital, says, “The type of work we do requires a transaction process that can get pretty hectic. The One Phone solution gives us the resilience for disaster recovery. It’s got phone recording, each of the phones have got multiple telephone numbers so the external people see their landline numbers and they also see the mobile numbers. It’s the same whether you are in the office or out of the office, you take the office with you.”

Among many others, features include hunt groups and automatic call distribution. If somebody using their phone gets too close to their limit on data, an office manager will receive an alert so they can remove the data cap, while giving them greater insight and control of their bill, which is consolidated into a singular format at the end of the month. “BT One Phone definitely makes me feel more in control of my communication, and more in control, as well, of the deals that we are working on”, says Piers Hartland-Swann.

Always available, resilient, and in control. That, for sure, defines clearly ECT’s, and BT One Phone’s solution.

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