We Are Bullish on the Telecommunications Industry

If today you are transforming your network, we want to seize this opportunity to not only migrate existing services and get rid of costly legacy kit, but also to create new business and competitive advantages specifically designed for your business.
There is a great future for service providers. Of course we also read how pundits and analysts claim that providers cannot compete with over-the-top services in the Internet and in mobile apps. But we don’t believe it and neither should you.

Beating the OTT Players at Their Own Game

At ECT, everything we do is geared towards beating the OTT players at their own game. Our customers are at it right now, for instance, with WebRTC-based multimedia calling integrated into all their services and push-of-a-button generation of mobile apps with our INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform. And they are realizing ideas quicker and more flexible than many a start-up via our Joint Agile Product Development.
Don’t become a mere pipeline, providing bandwidth for third-party services.

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