“How is leadership like a tree? Well, I believe both balance protection & growth, work with others or can stand alone, adapt to the environment, renew themselves, grow to reach new heights, and develop the next generation.”

James Harding

About Us

Like a mighty tree, we at ECT have weathered twenty years in our sometimes unpredictable telecommunications industry. As entrepreneurs, we protect our own financial health and see ourselves as part of a bigger community together with our customers, the communications service providers. We adapt to a sometimes hostile environment, remaining flexible for the winds to come, and renew ourselves, our products and our services as early adopters of new technology. Join us and together we will grow to new heights and develop the next generation.

Meet the management team

Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up.

Our Values

Our values stem from the following four roots:
Transparency, Commitment, Responsibility and Initiative

ECT Value-Added Services for Telecoms Service Providers


At the very core of our values, we offer a transparent approach that is truly rare in business. We believe in a completely honest dialogue that ensures both our and our customers' interests are served. Our dedication to deliver on this win-win scenario is testified by our annual report - both consolidated and audited - which is openly available.


Only through technical excellence can we claim a meaningful commitment to our customers. Striving always for all parties to benefit from our solutions, we believe passionately in our value-added products and services because we know how much they can contribute to your success – which, in turn, is our ultimate objective.

ECT Value-Added Services for Telecoms Service Providers
ECT Value-Added Services for Telecoms Service Providers


Our customers know us as a diligent partner, dedicated to communication by way of concise and accurate reporting. Only through dialogue with our customers can we identify challenges to solve and opportunities to seize. The upshot of taking responsibility this way is an unparalleled quality of service, which we're always seeking to improve.


Taking initiative is the key to continuous improvement and it's a principle we value highly at ECT. That's why, when finding a solution for our customers, we will always endeavour to be pro- and interactive rather than reactive to circumstantial factors (such as time constraints) which tends to counter ingenuity.

ECT Value-Added Services for Telecoms Service Providers

Career Opportunities

Our personnel policy is to create the most international workforce possible and weld it together as a team. On average every third team member has another nationality; a diversity we are particularly proud of, as it nurtures a global culture full of opportunities for valuable knowledge transfer. As many members also share the same experiences when starting out in a new country, we lend each other a helping hand, which encourages us all to work as partners.

Full-Stack (JavaScript/React) Developer
Munich, Germany
Release Manager / Scrum Master
Munich, Germany
Senior Technical Writer for Online Help
Munich, Germany

Company Structure

Our Board represents our shareholders' interests and, working with our Chief Executive Officer and Executive Leadership Team, it approves business strategy, monitors performance against objectives and ensures that appropriate governance and risk management practices are in place to protect and grow our company.