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CSPs Should Embrace Digital Transformation Now

“Organizations no longer have the option to continue on as they have — they have to adopt and accelerate digitalization.” Gartner

Empowered with low-code development, CSPs that embrace digital transformation have an opportunity to beat OTTs at their own game.


Digital Transformation means:

Digital transformation lowers operational costs

Move beyond legacy systems by creating virtualized apps that allow cost effectively to reduce operating expenses.

Digital transformation means new CSP-driven services

Create differentiated solutions to meet the needs of specific groups of users, including verticals, such as the SoHo and SME markets.

Digital transformation means faster time-to-market

Low-code platforms with preprogrammed building blocks and microservices enable an 80% reduction in effort compared to traditional coding.

Digital transformation means automation

Bring new services online with CI/CD, move between environments with the push of a button, and reduce the time, resources and costs involved, while enabling faster, higher quality results.

Digital transformation means CSPs can help their customers embrace their own digital transformation

Low-code and no-code user interfaces allow your customers to create and individualize their own services to better enable business outcomes.

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Download the E-book

This is the first of a series of ECT e-books on low code and its significance for CSPs. It discusses the motivation behind low code, how it is revolutionizing IT and what is required to bring low code to the telecoms network.

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