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Here you’ll find e-books, white papers, handouts and presentations on new technologies, emerging market opportunities and product ideas for communications service providers. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience we have gained in our collaborative research and development with CSPs worldwide. There’s always new content on a bi-weekly basis, so be sure to visit this page regularly. And if you would like us to look into a specific topic not yet covered or contribute content of your own, please place your request here.


Enterprises want and need to adapt rapidly to changing business demands, composing and recomposing their own, individualized applications to address new use cases in near real time. According to leading analysts, 60% of mainstream organizations will list application composition as a strategic objective by 2023, and CSPs are expected to play a crucial role in the composable application ecosystem, especially with edge computing in 5G. In what technology should CSPs invest to tap into this market and how will they monetize that investment? In this series, we discuss these questions and provide a detailed look at the composable enterprise and associated business opportunity for CSPs.

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At CSPs worldwide, CTOs are always looking to implement the next generation telecoms technology and architecture – and there is always something new. In this series of e-books, we explore innovative technologies in telecoms networks, e.g. for network function virtualization, containerization, network automation, continuous integration / continuous deployment, edge computing, etc.

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This series of e-books is dedicated to telecoms low code. Product owners and account managers inside a CSP often possess a huge backlog of ideas for services that could help their customers to streamline their businesses and set up better communications within their processes. For the first time, low code really makes it possible to exploit these ideas and deliver revenue-generating, individualized services. Not only does this translate into higher earnings, but also stickiness, differentiation and higher competitiveness. This series of e-books looks at the important technical and business aspects of telecoms low code.

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Enterprises are increasingly using chatbots and virtual assistants across a variety of use cases and domains. With telecoms low code, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are now able to compose products targeted at specific SMB verticals. In contrast to OTT alternatives, CSP products are able to provide synergies between all communications channels and even mobile payment in a common no-code, easy-to-use solution. This series explores the market opportunity for CSPs as well as various product strategies.

E-books available: 1

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