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Bringing Low Code to Telecoms

This is the first of a series of ECT e-books on low code and its significance for CSPs. It discusses the motivation behind low code, how it is revolutionizing IT and what is required to bring low code to the telecoms network.

13 Pages
Estimated reading time: 16 minutes

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  • Low-code application platforms provide easy-to-use tools to limit the need for actual coding wherever possible. The goal is to have so-called citizen developers with little or no programming knowledge participating in a big way in the development process, exploiting the customer nearness of business managers, account managers and product owners, as well as their market and product knowledge. Of course, low code also makes professional developers more proficient.
  • A Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP) would be specifically designed for and wholly dedicated to the telecoms industry. The idea is to enable you as a CSP to create competitive applications targeting the specific needs of your customers, and even to develop and continually enhance services for individual corporate clients and public sector organizations.
  • Product owners and account managers inside a CSP often possess a huge backlog of ideas for services that could help their customers to streamline their businesses and set up better communications within their processes. For the first time, low code really makes it possible to exploit these ideas and deliver revenue-generating, individualized services. Not only does this translate into higher earnings, but also stickiness, differentiation and higher competitiveness.

You can scroll down for Why Do CSPs Need Telecoms Low Code presentation, or visit Telecoms Low Code Series page for more e-books.

The Future Belongs to Low-Code Application Platform Composition