Composable Enterprises:

Serving This Market Using the T-LCAP

  • This e-book is the third in a series dealing with the composable enterprise and its significance for CSPs.
  • The first e-book in this series, Composable Enterprises: Introduction to the Top Technology Trend in Application Development, outlines the composable enterprise concept and describes what makes it the most profitable enterprise opportunity for CSPs.
  • In our second e-book of the composable enterprise series, Composable Enterprises: How CSPs can Tap into This Emerging Market, we introduced two approaches for CSPs to enter this emerging enterprise market, direct and indirect.
  • CSPs can seek a close, long-term relationship with key enterprise customers or verticals positioning themselves as providers of composed application experiences.
  • The core technology utilized is the Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP), allowing unified, seamless low-code composition using the telecom network and general IT capabilities.
  • This e-book explores how CSPs can provide composable applications themselves to businesses and public sector organizations using the Telecoms Low-code Application Platform (T-LCAP).

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