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Network Function Virtualization for
Value-Added Telecoms Services

20 Pages
Estimated reading time: 24 minutes

  • Network function virtualization and automatic lifecycle management have eliminated time-consuming, complicated and expensive proprietary software installations.
  • New tools for continuous deployment make it possible to get new features and customizations into the field quickly, without going through three time-consuming phases on development, staging and live systems.
  • In this e-book, we explain the following elements of network function virtualization and make recommendations where appropriate:
    • ETSI NFV Standard Architecture
    • Element Management System
    • Network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI)
    • Virtualization Layer, Virtual Machines and Hypervisors
    • Virtualized Infrastructure Managers
    • VNF Managers
    • Artifact Lifecycle Management and CI/CD
    • Tools for Monitoring, Logging and Observability of Virtual Network Functions
    • Containerization and its Importance in Edge Computing
  • In conclusion, we discuss the virtualized implementation of VAS, the associated benefits and a few pitfalls to avoid.

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This e-book will change the way you see telecoms service creation.