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The Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform:
An Overview for Professional Developers

The Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform includes both a no-code CitizenTool for use by business people without programming skills and an ExpertTool for professional programmers. The ExpertTool includes various browser-based graphical editors, e.g. for data modeling, API integration, API exposure, business logic building and UI component building.

13 Pages
Estimated reading time: 16 minutes

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  • This e-book explores how our low-code ExpertTool minimizes the need to add handwritten code as much as technically possible, while at the same time allowing professional developers to code in JavaScript/TypeScript as needed.
  • Professional developers get a closer look at the following low-code editors and how they are utilized:
    • Data Modeler
    • Visual Workflow Builder
    • APIBuilder
    • UI Component Builder