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How We Work

Doing Good Business

Doing good business is not just about having a good product at a good price. It's also about paying attention to stakeholders and our relationship to the larger ecosystem of which we are a part. While it may not always be possible to reconcile many diverse interests, all are worthy of our attention.

For the ECT team as well as for our shareholders, who have invested significant capital in our company, we pay strict attention to cost leadership, operational profitability and positive cash flow. All the members of our team directly participate in our financial success via our annual bonus scheme, commissions, profit sharing and/or stock options.

Continuous year-for-year profitability and the building of cash reserves make us a long-term partner. Furthermore, the costs leadership of our company is a prerequisite for the cost-effectiveness of our products and services, while the usage of the industry standard JavaScript for service creation contributes to the sustainability of our technology.

We also have the responsibility to build the long-term value of our company. Here we have a transparent focused strategy centered on our core intellectual property.

In the greater ecosystem, we also invest continuously in the personal development of members of our team as well as in our community.

Telecommunication and Value-Added Services Blog How We Work European Computer Telecoms AG

Cultivating Success

Most customers are looking for technology that is not only good value for money but also easy-to-use and reliable.

Naturally, it should generate profits as well. The upshot of these defining company characteristics - value and great technology - has won us the sustained trust of many diverse customers, from all over the world and from various business areas, including the incumbent, fixed-line, mobile and specialist sectors.

Culture and Color

ECT feels an obligation to support the sense of belonging within the company and identify with our region by sponsoring public events.

In particular, we support many initiatives of the Munich Chamber Orchestra, which has received numerous international accolades for its unique program. At the heart of its artistic mission is the Munich subscription series, located in the Prince Regent Theater, which devotes itself to a specific theme each season. ECT has been the principal sponsor of this concert series. We are also associated with the Munich Pinakothek for Modern Art through the late night concert series, which we jointly sponsor with BMW.

Measuring Up

ECT enjoys good healthy competition through which we are driven to continually augment the features of our products and lower our cost structures.

Sometimes we even compete with partners and partner with our competitors; such is the nature of our industry and our own open business approach. We might compete with global telecoms vendors, major telecoms equipment providers, regional providers or technology companies specialized in one of our business segments, such as ring back tone. Regardless of the level on which we meet our competitors, we always rise to the challenge.