ECT Covid-19 An Update for Our Clients

An Update for Our Clients


COVID-19 has drastically shaken up the way the whole world is doing business, with some reports suggesting that it has impacted as much as 80% of the world’s workforce. It is therefore inevitable that we at ECT have also been impacted. However, despite the upheaval, ECT has been able to work largely unperturbed. We think it is important that we share with you how this has been possible, as well as the measures we’ve put in place to protect our colleagues, customers and contacts.

Working from Home

ECT is particularly well placed to work from home, and all but a handful of our colleagues worldwide are now doing so. Thanks to our own UCC product, Workspace, our transition to working from home has been seamless. We are using it to communicate and collaborate effectively, as well as to hold internal and external virtual meetings. It allows us to conduct business as usual, and keep our productivity high.

The start of the year was strong for ECT, following a landmark 2019 which brought new customers and robust cash reserves. This allows us to maintain everyone in our company in full-time work, and to keep the wheels turning regardless of the economic turmoil that is gripping the globe.

Our Service Continues, Untroubled

ECT exclusively serves CSPs in the telecoms industry. This further contributes to our current stability, as telecoms is one of the essential services required to keep society running during the COVID-19 crisis. CSPs are very busy right now, and so are we. The effects of COVID-19 are minimal upon our industry, as it has generally led to more people using telecoms services, rather than less.

It also has minimal impact on the way in which we serve our customers. All of our solutions are virtualized, so they do not require anyone on site for delivery, installation, or any other part of the process from start to finish. This also goes for the maintenance and expansion of existing solutions, which are generally realized via remote access.

Flexibility in a Crisis

We are communicating constantly with both our colleagues and our clients about our COVID-19 measures. Those measures are in a constant state of review and are liable to change at a moment’s notice. Any changes in policy are immediately communicated to whom they concern.

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding how we are operating in the COVID-19 crisis, or how we can help you to develop and implement value-added services during this challenging time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: