ECT Covid-19 An Update for Our Clients

A Further Update for Our Clients


After having abided by our COVID policy for the last four months, we at ECT felt it was time to issue our clients with a further update about our working practices. As is plain to see, today’s world is different from the one before, in some cases irrevocably so; in accordance with the lockdowns mandated by many national governments, some businesses closed their doors, never to reopen. And that is to say nothing of the loved ones that we may have lost, or the blows to our health we may have felt or may still be feeling.

Furthermore, depending on your location as you read this, your own current reality may differ widely from the next reader’s, with each nation fighting the virus in different ways and with greater or lesser degrees of success.

However, those working in the telecommunications industry have a lifeline available to them that others may not. Namely, that we all work to provide the essential service; one that has only seen an increase in its usage since the virus devastated our world. This means that businesses working in telecoms, like ECT, have been able to remain financially secure, whereas other sectors, such as hospitality, have understandably found survival more difficult.

As of July 6, we at ECT took the decision to end our home-office policy, thereby welcoming everyone back to our headquarters in Munich, Germany. Given that cases of the virus are now at a far lower level in Germany than they were before, we feel that, in conjunction with stringent measures relating to hygiene and social distancing within our office, it is now safe enough to work together in person once again. This has allowed us all to renew our social bonds, and productivity in our workplace is as high as ever. It goes without saying that our COVID policy is in a constant state of review; should the situation in Germany deteriorate once again, we are poised to take whatever action is required to secure the health of our employees and of our clients.

We hope that, wherever you are, you and your family are safe and healthy. If there is anything that ECT can do to assist your business during these trying times, or if you have questions about our COVID policy, do not hesitate to contact us here: