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What’s special about ECT? We develop and sell value-added services and cooperate with carriers and service providers worldwide. So far, so good. I believe, however, that we could not be internationally successful without our international workforce. Every third ECT employee has a different nationality. We have people from over thirty (!) different nations.

Many small and medium-sized companies struggle when doing business outside of their home market – ECT is an exception to the rule. Our international workforce is a competitive advantage. Our customer base is as international as the ECT team which allows for a valuable knowledge transfer and gives us a better understanding of our diverse markets. This multicultural insight also helps us to enhance our products. Our international workforce and customer base has, for example, brought us to augment our ring back system with a user interface that is almost completely unknown in Europe: USSD.

Multicultural Team and a Unique Corporate Culture

Having this multicultural team gives our company a unique corporate culture. What many people here have in common is that they work and live far away from home and that they have to struggle with a foreign language and German bureaucracy. We help and support each other getting started in Germany. This moulds our team together.

The common language spoken by all here is English. Information is shared about different cultures, places to visit and things to eat and colleagues share the occasional regional delicacy on special occasions, such as birthdays. New colleagues from abroad are regularly introduced to the many Bavarian specialties.

On a regional level, ECT sponsors local events, such as the subscription concerts by the Munich Chamber Orchestra, which employees can attend with their families. This not only supports the sense of belonging in the company itself, but also increases identification with the local region.



ECT is Europe’s leading communications software company. With our virtualized INtellECT® Low-Code Application Platform, innovative service applications and our Joint Agile Product Development Program, major communications service providers worldwide realize their products with minimal costs and the shortest possible time-to-market.

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