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Get Your Own Dedicated Agile Development Squad

Working Together to Continuously Respond to Changing Markets

We know that the launch of a new service is not the end of our collaboration, but rather just the beginning. When you and your customers start to use a product, valuable data and feedback begins flowing which you can and should use, for instance:

  • to improve the user experience, e.g. in A/B testing,

  • to adapt the product to new and changing use cases,

  • to individualize it for your important business and public sector customers,

  • to integrate third-party products and proprietary enterprise systems as requested by your customers.

This is indeed the really fun part where low code lets you do so much more. We definitely want to be part of this product evolution.

An Agile Programming Squad Dedicated to Continuous Co-Development with You

For us, continuous product evolution is not a matter of quarterly roadmaps and waterfall change requests. We have a better way of working: continuous co-development.

That’s why we offer all our customers a Dedicated Agile Programming Squad. Such a Dedicated Squad generally includes a scrum master, solution architect, one or more frontend and backend engineer(s) and automated testing expert(s). You provide the product owner who determines the backlog. You can add your own people or third-party experts, and even integrate the Squad into your DevOps. It works full-time only for you, using our low code to continuously enhance your products or even compose completely new products.

The Dedicated Squad generally works in short sprints of max. three weeks and the results are then available to you in your development network. This allows you to demonstrate them both internally and to customers. Imagine being able to fulfil customer requests this quickly. By continuously individualizing your offering for important customers, you can add value, justifying a premium price, and at the same time, you can improve customer retention.

The Dedicated Squad also serves as an open communications channel for knowledge transfer between us. We become more familiar with your goals and customer requirements, while your people become experts in using our low code.

This all amount to better business outcomes for you and your customers.
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Continuous Co-Development via a Dedicated ECT Agile Programming Squad

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