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Agile Low-Code Exploration in the ECT Ecosystem

We encourage all of our customers to participate in our Joint Agile Product Development (JAPD). This program allows you to collaborate with ECT as well as other partners in our ecosystem, trying our new technologies and product ideas.

ECT provides the complete agile programming squad. It uses low code to implement minimum usable products (MUPs) in 2 to 3 week sprints. You and all other participants are encouraged to add ideas to the backlog of this continuous agile development, and the results are available to each participant to try out and test-live in his/her own development network.

JAPD: Your Product and Technology Incubator

The JAPD offers you a myriad of possibilities within one general framework. You can perform proofs of concept (POCs) of existing ECT apps, e.g. for UCC and conversational commerce, or architectural innovations, like automated lifecycle management or containerization. Participation in JAPD gives you the opportunity to delve into new technological capabilities as our R&D adds them to the T-LCAP.

Your Product Ideas Put into Action

Best of all, the JAPD brings your product ideas to life. It’s agile, so no need to write lengthy waterfall specs. It’s complimentary, so you don’t need to have a budget approved in advance. In up to 6 sprints of 2 weeks each, we compose together a MUP based on jointly agreed ideas. As the results of each sprint are then live in your development network, you can easily demonstrate each iteration to colleagues and even customers. In addition, our JAPD also provides support for market studies and business case development.

If you decide to further evolve a MUP created via the JAPD into a complete product integrated with your backend, e.g. for provisioning, billing, single-sign-on, etc., you can employ an ECT Dedicated Agile Programming Squad working exclusively on your project. You provide the product owners and can supplement this Dedicated Squad with your own engineers, testers and third-party programmers, as desired.
The goal here as always is to bring innovative products and technologies to market quickly and with as little upfront investment as possible, all for better business outcomes for CSPs and their customers.
Many of the things we explore with our clients, are shared in the form of whitepapers, e-books and tech videos you can find here.
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Our Ecosystem: The Joint Agile Product Development Program (JAPD)

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