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Abdul Mannan


Back in 2005, when I started at ECT, there were not many colleagues that even understood cricket. I was the only Pakistani working here, even if we were already a diverse company although a smaller one. Since then, I have worked as a project manager, in indirect sales support and as the director of the Presales Department, to name a few. Thanks to ECT’s continuing education program, I was able to do an MBA along side my work at ECT. Recently, I was promoted to Vice President of Project Management and Implementation.

Besides all the different roles I have had in the past 16 years at ECT, much has changed since 2005. I have more colleagues now from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh who (should) all understand cricket. We are a much bigger and still growing, diverse family. Our technologies are more innovative than ever. We have customers around the world. Yet something remains unchanged: Every day at ECT brings new opportunities and adventures.

Having said that, there are still not many colleagues that really get cricket. If you know your cricket, please apply directly to me.

My main hobby is cricket.