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David Fish


As a sales director for the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Southern Europe I am obsessed with promoting the idea that CSPs can do more than just resell low-margin OTT services; that using software correctly, they can themselves easily build services that their customers want. I have always thought that telcos own the network, the billing, and the relations. They are regulated, secure and they have been around for a very long time. They are trusted. That’s the hard part. Building the service is simple compared to that, and that’s where ECT come in, to help CSPs build services for their customers. This puts the CSP back in control, where they should be, owning the value end to end.

Outside of work, family, playing my Gibson through a Marshall amp (that only goes up to 10), food, gym, and dogs are all I really think about. That and wondering if Scotland will ever make it to the World Cup again…