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Francine Kavesh


Truth be told, I was the first to invest in ECT more than 25 years ago. I also made ECT’s first sale, back in the days when we were just getting started. I was the first woman in the team, and I was the first employee (and woman, obviously) working for ECT’s London subsidiary for sales and service in the United Kingdom and Southern Europe. For many years, I have been the managing director of this subsidiary. A lot of ‘firsts’ for now but, hopefully, just a sample of many more to come.

Like my brother Marshall, I am also an expat, but I live with my family in London. I enjoy following the diverse careers of my three children (a fashion designer, a film producer and a writer). Together with my husband, who was part of the original management team of the Virgin Music Group, I have great love for pop music. In addition to charity work, I enjoy cinema, traveling and yoga. And I love people.

Francine Kavesh

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