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Hans Huber


One hundred kilometers west from Munich, there is a small town called Burgau with nearly eight thousand inhabitants.

North to the center of the city of Munich, there is a university called Ludwig Maximilian University. LMU has more than 52 thousand students.

In the western neighborhood of Laim, there is a street called Westendstrasse. In that street there is one company called European Computer Telecoms.

My name is Hans Huber and I am a Burgauer, have a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the LMU, and co-founded ECT together with Marshall and Walter. As one of our two CTO’s, I am responsible for the application layer which includes our Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform as well as our many Packaged Business Capabilities and applications.

Besides being a real techie, I’m dedicated to my family (a son, a daughter, a dog and two salt-water aquariums), an enthusiastic concert, theater and opera goer and have a penchant for biking (both racing and mountain), jogging (every day), discussing current events (after reading the daily NZZ) and playing cards (gin rummy Hollywood style, at least twice a week with family and friends).