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Metin Sezer


Software developer, presales engineer, innovation manager, sales director and deputy CEO. Just like my upbringing as a French-Turkish Muslim born in the border country between France and Germany, my career at ECT has been a full-on diverse experience.

I originally came to ECT in Munich in the year 2000, just to have a first glance at the telecoms industry, to improve my English and my German: my plan was to move on after around five years. More than two decades later, I am still enjoying new and interesting challenges every day.

I am a passionate sports enthusiast, especially of soccer: I try to keep track of all the players’ names and the scores of the latest games. With all the nationalities at ECT, I can usually find a fan cheering for any given national team, which is sometimes a problem if they win against one of my teams. I also enjoy cars, sightseeing, playing pétanque (if you never heard of it, just ask for a lesson) as well as driving to and from Turkey every summer with my wife and children (a great family tradition).

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