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Omar Salazar


As the managing director of our Americas office for sales and service in North, Central and South America, I am certain I am the ECT-er the farthest from our headquarters – ECT’s Americas office is in Frisco, Texas, in the United States, 6,519 km away from Munich. I may also be the ECT-er that has worked previously for the biggest number of companies in the telecoms industry – before joining ECT in 2017, I worked for Ericsson, Telefonica, Huawei, Broadsoft and Dialogic. Also, I am sure I am the ECT-er with one of the most unexpected hobbies – I am a voice actor and a painter. (I don’t do them necessarily at the same time, though.) But, most importantly, I am one of many colleagues proud to work at ECT.

Why the ‘T’ in ECT Should Stand for Tropicalización Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes During my many years working in the Latin American market, I

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