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Wolfgang Huber


It’s no coincidence that I am the second Burgauer working at ECT. The other Burgauer, Hans, and I share the same last name. We also share the same parents. Not coincidentally, Hans is my (much) older brother. From the time I was eight years old, Marshall had also been a regular family guest in Burgau. So, after I got my degree in IT from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, it was only natural for me to join ECT in 2004. Thirteen year later, I became Deputy CTO in charged of the core application development. Together with Metin, I’m part of the next generation company directors and already ensuring the long-term sustainability of ECT for decades to come.

My family is very important to me. Besides English and German, I also speak Bulgarian and visit the country regularly. I enjoy biking, hiking in the mountains and reading.