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PBCs and Ready-to-Use Apps for CSPs offering Conversational Commerce

We are all aware of the enormous business potential of conversational platforms for commerce. Many over-the-top (OTT) vendors already generate significant revenues in this space; as with most OTTs, it’s all money earned off the backs of CSPs who provide the access to these services.
With our Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) you can realize your own conversational platform, e.g. to sell your products with customer self-provisioning.

Moreover, with our ready-to-use app, SalesChat, you can directly offer conversational commerce services to SMEs, tapping into a whole new revenue source with up to 80% gross margins.

Up to 0%

Gross Margins

Conversational Commerce Service for Small and Medium-Sized Retailers

SMEs are often struggling to adapt their sales to the post-pandemic world. Store visits have all but ground to a halt, and everyone has gotten used to using digital channels. Retailers would like to present and sell their products and services digitally, but often hesitate due the difficulty non-technical people have getting started. There are also other issues: lack of business-friendly usability, high pricing, fear of entrusting sales and customer data to unknown vendors, etc. This is the opportunity for you as a CSP.

Our ready-to-use app for conversational commerce, SalesChat, reopens the interactive customer dialogue for SMEs and enables digital personal consultations. As a CSP, you have the unique opportunity to provide a simple and affordable solution any retailer can easily set up and use. SalesChat harnesses the latest technology with the extreme ease-of-use required to serve the small and medium-sized retailer segment often ignored by the OTT vendors focusing on larger organizations.

Interactive Dialogue from an App on a Web Site or Mobile App with Simple Chatbot, live chat, voice and video, etc.

Retailers or SMEs can easily configure chatbots for automated human-like interaction.

SMEs empower their customers to automated interactions and consultation appointment booking, reducing effort for their customers, while freeing time of the store’s staff.

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SalesChat enables SMEs to identify hot leads digitally based on data and analytics. Customizable rules define which messages are triggered and the forwarding of chats to sales people for live interaction.
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A Ready-to-use App for Conversational Commerce

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