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Virtual PBX, Workstream Collaboration, and UC&C

PBCs and Apps for VPBX, WSC and UC&C for Individualized Business Products

Many organizations are still unprepared to fulfil the unique demands of flexible work and the needs for work-from-home (WFH). This provides CSPs with a new opportunity to add value to their network, generate additional high-margin revenues and expand their enterprise subscriber base.
Our low-code Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) for VPBX, Workstream Collaboration (WSC) and UC&C enable you to offer your own communications, meeting and collaboration products individualized for specific verticals and even individual customers.


Cloud Telephony


Workstream Collaboration


Cloud Telephony

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Workstream Collaboration

Why should a CSP consider offering its own VPBX and UC&C products?

As a CSP, you probably address small, medium and large enterprises in many different verticals as well as public organizations. One-size-fits-all products may not satisfy the varying requirements and budgets of your customers; they also give you little chance to differentiate your product offering from the competition.

Based on our PBCs, ready-to-use apps and low code technology, you can define your own products individualized for your target customers and according to your own market strategy. This is generally much a more lucrative alternative to reselling a third-party product. Moreover, individualized business products allow you to differentiate your offering, acquire new business subscribers and enhance your subscriber retention.


Our modular architecture and low code technology allow you to select just the right features for your purpose as well as create and modify the UX of the products’ web and mobile apps.  

Low code facilitates the addition of new capabilities and the integration of both third-party services as well as your customer’s own enterprise systems.

We are also migration experts and can move your existing customer base from legacy products, e.g. Broadsoft and ALU.

We offer you state-of-the-art deployment capabilities incl. containerization and automated lifecycle management, and are experts in telecommunications architecture. Low code makes single sign-on, provisioning and billing integrations quick and reliable.

By putting value into your CSP network, you enhance one of your core assets and further monetize its inherent reliability and data security.

By offering your own business products tailored to fit your market positioning, you at once exploit and further enhance the unique value of your brand


Offer a Perfect Balance of Telephony and Collaboration to Your Business Customers

Modern Cloud Phone System
Rich PBX features and advanced call control on mobile, IP desk phone and apps.
Workstream Collaboration
Message-based collaboration keeps workflows organized, and productivity is no matter of location anymore.
HD Video and Audio Meetings
Rich and reliable video collaboration makes teamwork easier and bridges the remote gap.
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Unified Communications and Collaboration

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