Driving Innovation

In the great battle with over-the-top (OTT) players, do you believe that service providers are at a disadvantage? We don’t—and neither should you.

Contrary to popular belief, service providers can compete with OTT players—and win. We believe that is the case because service providers are well-positioned to offer comprehensive communications solutions. That is why everything we do at ECT is geared towards helping service providers beat OTTs at their own game.

Our Innovation Strategy

Products with unique value propositions

At ECT, we focus on building innovative products that support the unique value propositions which only our customers—the industry’s service providers—can offer. We help service providers offer their customers products that replace and surpass simple OTT products, through the combination of innovative features and unique telco-grade strengths and assets.

When you step back and take a fresh look at service providers, you will see that they have many weapons that they can bring to the table to create unique value propositions. For example, service providers own powerful networks that they can use to offer superior customer experiences. Owning a network not only brings a quality advantage, it also creates opportunities to solve difficult problems and create innovative offerings that not long ago were distant dreams. Our job is to help uncover those opportunities.

Self provisioning

In addition, we at ECT aim to make it easier for end users to take advantage of the value that service providers create with our products. For users, the cost of a product extends beyond the price tag to include the time and resources they spend on registering the product and learning how to make the most out of it. The more difficult those processes are, the higher the cost.

We are helping to cut that total cost by enabling users to provision themselves via a web interface—and start using our products in just two minutes, without any assistance from customer representatives. We are also making it easier for users to learn how to use our products. If you were to analyse your usage of any software on your desktop, you would see that 20% of the feature set covers 80% of all your requirements. The other 80% not only goes un-used, it also adds tremendous complexity to the product, making it harder for you to master. Our new products focus on giving end users that first 20%.


On top of all that, we are following the Google Material Design Guideline for better intuitiveness. This is an effective approach to designing easy-to-use solutions. At the same time, it is an approach that has been used to design many popular everyday applications, which means that consumers of digital products are familiar with it—adding to the ease-of-use of our offerings.

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