Our New Disruptive Products: Fuse & Workspace

Fuse: OTT Multimedia Telephony

Fuse moves communications into the cloud, which means that users are no longer tied to the devices of their traditional mobile and broadband numbers. With Fuse, people are able to use their number from any device via their carrier’s network, WiFi or even another carrier network. Thus, users are no longer constrained by issues such as battery outages, lack of coverage, or being abroad.

Workspace: Organized Enterprise Communications

In business today, the rapid exchange of information among employees is critical, making instant messaging a must-have in enterprise communications.
With Workspace, conventional communication channels-audio/video phone calls, conferencing, SMS, and email-meet real-time messaging, allowing users to organise and manage all their communication activities in one place. As a messaging-based communication tool with an out-of-the-box carrier-grade telephony integration, Workspace offers everything small- and medium-sized enterprises would expect from their communication tool.