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OTT Services via WebRTC

We offer everything you need to launch immediately your own OTT services via WebRTC. It is already integrated into many of our state-of-the-art service applications. Thus, you can launch OTT services immediately based on these applications as well as quickly and easily create new OTT services with our INtellECT® Service Creation Environment.

Service Applications Enhanced with WebRTC
Call Center Agents via WebRTC
VPBX with WebRTC Softphone

Service Applications enhanced with WebRTC

We’ve integrated WebRTC into many of our state-of-the-art applications, such as, the INtellECT® Virtual PBX and effECTive® Network-Based Contact Centers. This allows VPBX users respective call center agents to make and receive voice and video calls via WebRTC. We’ve also come up with many other related features.
It’s a whole new WebRTC world!

Providers using our effECTive® Network-Based Contact Centers to offer call center services in the cloud can also have their agents answer and make calls directly in our browser-based Agent Workplace. For example, if the agents are sitting in some far away country, incoming PSTN calls to a service number can be connected to the agent via WebRTC, which saves termination costs. Incoming WebRTC voice and video calls to the call center can be made via web links directly on the web site of your customer. See also the many other WebRTC-based features in our Agent Workplace.

Call Center Agents via WebRTC

VPBX with WebRTC Softphone

With our INtellECT® Virtual PBX, users can make and receive calls not only via their telephones and Skype for Business, but also via an integrated WebRTC softphone. Incoming calls can be signalled at all his/her devices. It includes complete video conferencing functionality and many more features.

effECTive® WebRTC-Enhanced Freephone Service

Let users call you free-of-charge via a web link and/or smartphone app.

INtellECT® OTT Multimedia Telephony

Beat the OTT telephone services at their own game.

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