INtellECT® WebRTC / effECTive® WebRTC-Enhanced Freephone Service

effECTive® WebRTC-Enhanced Freephone Service

Using WebRTC contact to boost customer engagement

A business using the WebRTC-Enhanced Freephone Service receives not only a conventional national 0800 number but also automatically generated HTML code for a so-called Click-to-Call Button. The business places this button on its websites, in the signature of emails, etc. When a customer visits the company’s website, he/she just clicks the Button to be immediately connected to the business over the browser of his/her PC. The customer can opt for a voice or video call free-of-charge for the caller wherever he/she is, anywhere in the world.

The business configures the destination for the conventional 0800 number and the incoming WebRTC calls using one web portal. This portal also allows the business to define interactive voice and visual response, automatic call distribution, skill-based routing, intelligent voice and video queuing, voice and video recording, chat, file sharing and many other features for its WebRTC-enhanced freephone service.

In addition to the above, the new solution provides an optional browser-based call center agent workplace for the processing of incoming voice calls via the PSTN as well as incoming voice and video calls via WebRTC.

effECTive WebRTC-Enhanced Freephone Service

The ingress for international incoming calls via WebRTC is free-of-charge as the calls go over the public Internet. This represents a major cost reduction compared to ingress via international freephone numbers. As a result, the operator can offer the service at prices below plain old international freephone while maintaining a good margin. The unique video calling and interactive visual response capabilities are additional competitive advantages of this innovative variant of a classical telecoms service.

For an example, you can visit the Proximus Customer Engagement Products and Web Contact.

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