INtellECT® WebRTC / INtellECT® OTT Multimedia Telephony

INtellECT® OTT Multimedia Telephony

Move subscribers from standalone OTT services to a carrier-grade alternative integrated with your mobile and fixed-line telephony

Your own Telco-OTT service

Are you losing telephony minutes to OTT telephony services provided over the Internet? Do you think this battle is already lost? Well, think again!

By implementing our OTT Multimedia Telephony in your network, you can exploit advantages of a carrier network mere IP telephony and venture into the territory of standalone OTT services and apps.

Depending on your bespoke implementation, our OTT Multimedia Telephony can include many features, such as:

  • our multimedia softphone available in the Internet and/or via a customized mobile app
  • configurable routing of incoming calls with simultaneous ringing at the user’s softphone, mobile app, mobile, fixed-line telephones, etc.
  • voice and video calling and conferencing
  • voice and video recording
  • integration with your voice and video mail or independent voice and video mail
  • subscriber directory
  • call-me links
  • usage of multiple CLI
  • seamless transfer between softphone and other devices
  • call history and user self-care portal
  • screen sharing
  • SMS, instant messaging and file sharing
  • integration with your billing and provisioning systems

Bridging conventional and OTT telephony

Our WebRTC softphone and mobile app let you quickly combine traditional telephony with Over-the-Top IP telephony so that the revenues from voice and video calls, multimedia messaging, voice and video conferencing, etc. all flow to you and not to standalone OTT services in the cloud.

In addition, your subscribers receive a much better user experience than what they get from standalone OTT services.

Freeing the phone number from its physical boundaries

Your subscribers are tied to a specific device when using their existing phone number; whereas they would prefer to be device agnostic, the same way they are with email or IM apps. OTT Multimedia Telephony makes this possible.

With our WebRTC softphone available over the Internet and a mobile app, your subscribers are able to use their existing phone numbers to make, receive and transfer calls across all of their devices: smartphone, desk phone, PC, etc.

Subscribers will also no longer be constrained by connectivity or walled-gardens, as they will be able to make and receive calls from the PSTN as well as to other softphone users.

Telephony services

Your most valuable unique proposition is your network and all the advantages it brings with it. Our OTT Multimedia Telephony solution exploits these uniqueness by putting telephony in the core of the product.

With our solution, we are not proposing another walled-garden approach, on the contrary, with an integrated telephony service, your users will be able to communicate with all their contacts even if they are not online or they are not members of the service.

All incoming and outgoing calls will be possible on any of your subscribers’ devices. The user decides how incoming calls are routed and can, for instance, have all his/her devices ring simultaneously. They can transfer an ongoing call from one device to another without interruption: for example, when the user answers an incoming call using his/her mobile and wishes to continue with a video call over the WebRTC softphone, he/she can simply transfer it to the softphone and continue in the browser of his/her computer or in our mobile app.

Multimedia IP services

Your subscribers will be able to take advantage of one-to-one or group voice calls even if they are not online, as they will always be reachable and be able to reach their contacts over the PSTN.

They can also make spontaneous or scheduled video calls together with screen sharing capabilities. Users don’t have to worry about video experience as the solution will automatically adapt to the available bandwidth.

Freeing the phone number

Is your iPhone out of battery? No problem. Keep using your number to communicate on any compatible Internet-connected device. Your traditional mobile and broadband numbers are no longer tied to their devices.

Use multiple numbers

Do you have multiple numbers for work, home, mobile, etc.? No more carrying around multiple devices. You can start using all your numbers from one device. You actually do not even need a mobile phone. Use the browser to make or receive calls and to send or receive SMS and files.

Beyond the phone number

You would like to sell your car on the web but don’t want to share your phone number with the entire world. No problem! Simply create a call-me link and share it as if you were sharing your phone number. Potential buyers can easily give you a call with 2 clicks in the browser, without installing third-party software. Create another call-me link and place it in your email signature, business card or your website.

New ways of communication

There are times when you would like to share special events with many people: a school presentation, a business call or even the first birthday of your daughter. You can immediately start a group call and invite anyone either by calling or sharing a call-me link.

It does not always have to be spontaneous. Do you need to present your new idea to your colleagues tomorrow? Schedule a conference call and invite all the colleagues you would like to share your ideas with.

Keeping communications secure in the cloud

When you imprison your phone number to a device, you also tie all your communications to this device. Which means, when you lose your phone, you lose all your communication history with it. This is the old way of communication. You can now keep all your communication history in cloud and access them using any compatible device of your choice, whenever you want and no matter where you are.

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