INtellECT® Service Creation Environment/ Fully Automated Processes

Service Creation and Testing with Our SCE

Selected IDE features:

Data modelling components to design the logical data model for your service

Automatic Persistence API generation for CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) operations to the data repository for your data model

Support for the deployment of your data model to the data repository
- Initial deployment
- Upgrade and Rollback between different versions of the data model

Configuration of the caching of selected data in an In-Memory Database for optimized performance

Visual Call Flow Builder, a graphical tool to define the business logic for your service
- Choose a Rapid Application Development/Zero Coding approach and graphically build the workflow from predefined functional blocks
- Expand the functionality by writing JavaScript Code based on SCE’s JS Library
- Create your own JavaScript Classes

Built-in JavaScript editor with syntax highlighting, code validation, auto-completion and inline access to documentation of the SCE JS library

Configuration based (zero coding) API generator to
- expose some or all of the functionality provided by your service as Web Service (SOAP and/or REST)
- generate and expose provisioning and configuration methods for your service

Support for scheduled jobs, for example to automatically execute some administrative tasks in regular time intervals

Support for various billing models (CDR, FCI, Diameter)

Reporting capabilities to generate service specific statistics based on measuring points you can freely place within the business logic of your application

File logging based on logging points with free content you can freely place within the business logic of your application

Visual Application Builder and Visual Page Designer
- Create service specific management and self-service configuration pages for administrators and/or end users
- Design, automatically generate and update hybrid apps for your service

Strict version control with the possibility to return to any historic version of the service

Compatibility verification when modifying a published service with protection from breaking changes

Export/Import of SCE services between separate SCE instances, to deploy for example a service from a development system to a test environment and finally to the production platform

Automatic documentation generation for your service

Debugging and Tracing Support

Unit Test Support:
- You can visually create test cases to test specific functions of your application,
- Define sets of test data to be fed into the test case execution and configure the success/failure criteria,
- Assemble test cases into test suites.
- You can run a test suite manually or automatically based on a time schedule, for example as set of automated regression tests

Call Simulators for INAP and SIP calls, which can be used for debugging purposes and can also be used from within the test suites of your unit tests.

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