Telephony Application Server (TAS) Software Modules

We can give you what you need for service execution in your network. The INtellECT® TAS generally includes software modules for service execution:

The INtellECT® Modules

Application Servers for carrying out the business logic of your services

Protocol Gateways for the integration into your legacy and IMS networks (INAP, CAP, MAP, SIP)
- to trigger SCE services from legacy and IMS networks
- to invoke services hosted on external application servers or SCPs from within a service

API Servers to
- expose functionality as a Web Service (SOAP and REST)
- expose provisioning and configuration functions as Web Service to CRM and other systems
- expose functionality for Smartphone Apps built with the integrated Visual Application Builder

Service Registrar to evaluate incoming calls against the application’s access criteria and their priorities in order to trigger the correct application

Our cloud bus, a cometD implementation for high performance, web socket based message exchange

Oracle-based data repository for storage of persistent subscriber, service and configuration data

In-Memory Database to store selected data for optimized performance

Operation & Maintenance components and NOC integration via SNMP

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