Business Outcome:

Acquisition and Long-Term Retention of Enterprise and Public Sector Customers

ECT’s Telecoms Low Code
Makes it Possible, for instance, at DNA

In Finland, large corporates and municipalities tender for their virtual PBX and business services, generally every 5 years. If you’re looking to increase your share of the market, this is your opportunity to acquire a large number of subscribers all at once: one tender could involve more than 1,000 users.

But it’s not easy to win: the consultants writing these tenders require every kind of new technology imaginable as well as integrations with a myriad of proprietary systems and third-party products.

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If you have to program this all from scratch or you’re just reselling a one-size-fits-all OTT service, you cannot compete. You need the cost-effectiveness, innovation and flexibility of Telecoms Low Code.

“We have diverse network and business services based on ECT Packaged Business Capabilities.

By also using their Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform and integrating an ECT Dedicated Agile Development Squad into our own DevOps, we respond to market demands really quickly and cost-effectively.

This a real tangible competitive advantage when we participate in tenders from municipalities and enterprises requiring customizations and special features. It all translates into ever-improving business outcomes for DNA and our customers.”

ECT rev Jaane Hankaankorpi

Janne Hankaankorpi Director of Corporate Services
DNA, Telenor Group, Finland

Together with DNA,
we migrated and consolidated legacy services.


Multiple legacy service platforms not compatible with DNA’s IMS/VoLTE network.


High OPEX for older, unchangeable services in part due to end of life.


Legacy services migrated to one ECT solution with low-code PBCs and apps for NP, NTS, IVR, call distribution, VPBX, WebRTC, MS Teams integration, etc.


Attractive, innovative products easily augmented and individualized via low code, greatly reduced OPEX and a simplified network architecture.

And we provided low-code co-development and individuation of new business services.


Product enhancement meant costly and slow waterfall programming by hand.


New developments often too slow and too expensive; difficulty responding to market and customer requirements.


DNA licensed ECT’s low code and integrated an ECT Dedicated Agile Development Squad into its own DevOps processes, each two-week sprint providing usable results.


Agile individuation of services provides a competitive advantage over other CSPs without Telecoms Low Code.

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ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at Virgin Media O2
ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at Proximus
ebook cover bringing low code to telecoms

Bringing Low Code to Telecoms

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