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ECT’s Telecoms Low Code
Makes it Possible, for instance,
at Proximus

Proximus is always looking to implement innovative technology and network architecture – and there is always something new.

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From intelligent networks to service delivery platforms to Telecoms Low Code. From bare-metal to virtualization to automatic lifecycle management in the telco cloud. We’ve seen many advancements in the technology behind telecoms services. With ECT as its central vendor for over 18 years, Proximus has been an early adopter of them all. The core services provided on ECT technology have the highest customer retention and new products, such as workstream collaboration are elaborated in our ECT ecosystem: the Joint Agile Product Development.

“For over 15 years, I have worked successfully on network and business services with our partner ECT. Together, we mastered transitions from TDM to IMS, from bare metal to fully virtualized solutions, migrated services from legacy platforms, added WebRTC capabilities and implemented ECT’s SDP, now to be upgraded to the Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform. We also participate in ECT’s Joint Agile Product Development Program. ECT’s research and development keeps the underlying technology, the capabilities and the cost efficiency of our solutions on the cutting edge of our industry. It seems there’s never a challenge we cannot meet together.”

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Erik Bussé Domain Manager VAS Core & Communication Service Proximus, Belgium

Together with Proximus, we provided a cutting-edge basis for virtually all telecoms services.


Proximus moved to state-of-the-art network technology, but the platforms providing network and business services lagged behind. Multiple bare-metal platforms for broadband and mobile services had reached end of life and all were expensive to maintain and inflexible.


Legacy platforms that cannot be integrated directly into the new network, making end-to-end network architecture more cumbersome and inefficient. OPEX skyrockets and products cannot be enhanced.


A virtualized, multiservice solution using ECT Packaged Business Capabilities and Telecoms Low Code to provide, e.g. for NTS/freephone, IVR, emergency services, disaster recovery, etc. Proximus also launched a new, completely tailored contact center service.


Significantly lower OPEX with more sophisticated services bringing a higher ARPU. In particular, the contact center service, called Voice Managed Services became the flagship business service for broadband customers.

We empowered Proximus to compose their own network services.


Being dependent on vendors for the network services and capabilities is expensive and time consuming as each item had to be specified by Proximus in detail, then implemented by the vendor and tested by Proximus.


Not being able to create and alter its own network services translates ultimately into higher overall OPEX, lower ARPUs for business services and missing new opportunities.


Proximus used ECT’s low code to realize network services on their own, such as mobile voice recording, mobile ID service, change number announcement, CNIP, voice callout API, fixed-mobile unification, etc.


Greater agility and lower expenditures for network services which need to be augmented and orchestrated to meet new requirements.

And we together composed and new products in our free-of-charge client ecosystem.


Proximus identifies a high demand for secure workstream collaboration product: The business division wanted to explore whether a unique Proximus product would be technically feasible and accepted by target customers.


If a CAPEX investment is required for the exploration of new product ideas, management may pass on the opportunity, and in this case, an upfront investment wasn’t in the cards.


Participating in ECT’s free-of-charge client ecosystem, Proximus was able to realize and fully test the new product in their own development network, even doing friendly user testing with customers to determine how the new product could best meet real customer demands.


Proximus is able to realize, test and do market studies for new sophisticated services, realizing the ideas of both their own business division and their actual customers. This is all done in short agile sprints and without any invest prior to the decision to actually launch the new products.

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ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at DNA
ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at BT One Phone
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