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Business Outcome:

Improved Bottom Line from Enterprise Products via Migration of Bare-Metal Platforms to NFV with Simultaneous Product Innovation

ECT’s Telecoms Low Code
Makes it Possible, for instance,
at Virgin Media O2

With all the mergers and acquisitions in telecoms, many CSPs have accumulated a heterogeneous collection of legacy platforms, many with end of life and end of service.

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Moreover, these are often bare metal platforms that are extremely expensive to maintain, difficult to expand and without any no-code or low-code options for product enhancements. Together with CSPs like Virgin Media O2, we taken the role of a general contractor, moving from multiple legacy platforms to one virtualized multiservice platform based on Telecoms Low Code. The new solution can even be integrated with a VNF manager, such as Cloudify, for lifecycle management made easy.

“We are currently implementing a network transformation to reduce OPEX and further develop our enterprise business. Migration from legacy systems, virtualization and product innovation all play a big role in this process and require a trusted, long-term technology partner.

ECT, having worked for VMB for over 15 years, has displayed great expertise in all three areas. The migrations have helped us reduce maintenance costs for multiple legacy systems. Our customers are highly satisfied with the VMB services provided as well as the new functionality and features we are able to offer them together with ECT. It all amounts to better business outcomes for us and our customers.”

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Paul Mercure Director Voice Planning & Engineering
Virgin Media O2, UK

telecoms digital transformation
ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at VodafoneZiggo
ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at DNA

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