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Business Outcome:

Lower OPEX, Higher Revenues & Larger Profit Margins from Business Services

ECT’s Telecoms Low Code
Makes it Possible, for instance,
at VodafoneZiggo

Although CSPs are constantly investing in the newest network technology, moving in ever shorter cycles from 3G to 4G and now to 5G, older technology for network and business services often limits their ability to capitalize off this investment: you can’t get a return on your investment in 5G just selling bandwidth and calling.

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Moreover, the development of technology for services has also been accelerating in leaps and bound. Together with ECT, CSPs like VodafoneZiggo have a partner who is continually modernizing service creation and provision, empowering them to compete successfully in the high margin market for business services.

“We have CCS services for large enterprises, our partner channel and the public sector, all based on ECT technology. Using their low-code platform, our voice engineering team responds quickly to market demands, can further innovate existing propositions and even compose new service offerings.

The combination is a great match and provides a real competitive advantage that helps us to win important tenders.”

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Robin Hogenkamp Business Manager – Contact Center Services (CCS)
VodafoneZiggo, NL

Together with VodafoneZiggo, we modernized the technological basis for enterprise services and products, lowering OPEX and winning additional business


Some ten years ago, VDZ had already modernized their network, but still had a legacy platform for services which was not being further developed.


Without replacing the legacy equipment, a CSP would be stuck in a dead end with ever increasing OPEX and no ability to offer new services or integrate services directly with present and future advancements in their network technology. They would miss the boat.


In over ten years of partnership with ECT, VDZ has kept their technology always on the cutting edge and used this as a competitive advantage. They used ECT’s packaged business capabilities for CCS, NTS, IVR, etc., and created highly successful products. At the same time, VDZ was an early adopter of both virtualization as well as low code. It is easy for them to integrate Ziggo services into the IMS core of Vodafone as well as their future 5G network. Moreover, they are composing new network and business services, both on their own and in ECT’s Joint Agile Product Development, such as a customized call routing dispatcher, voice to email, carrier preselect, etc.


Competitive advantage in enterprise market. For instance, in one of the most important recent tenders, the Dutch City Councils (VNG), VDZ beat all the competition and were able to provide the requested solution both economically and in record time. Elimination of both the CAPEX and OPEX for network services by composing them using packaged business capabilities and low code.

telecoms digital transformation
ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at BT One Phone
ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at Virgin Media O2

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