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Shareholder Value Creation via Individualized Telecoms Service

ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible, for instance, at BT One Phone

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Launched as a joint venture between BT and OnePhone Holding in 2014, BT One Phone has one principle product for small and medium size enterprises: a unique converged fixed-mobile VPBX based primarily on ECT technology.

Starting at zero, it was able to acquire a large subscriber base in just a few years; we assisted, for example, by using low code to quickly implement features needed to win a Scottish Prison Service contract which resulted immediately in 7,500 new subscriptions. When BT recently decided to purchase the entire company based on independent evaluations, BT paid 97m GBP for 30% of the company, ”a valuation for the enterprise at more than 320m GBP, which BT documentation said had been determined by ‘independent valuations’.”

“Over 13 years, OnePhone relied on ECT as the basis for solutions in two European markets. This includes the BT Joint Venture, BT One Phone Ltd, fully acquired by BT in April 2021.

With ECT, we developed and provided market-leading services cost-effectively. This facilitated market entry and rapid growth in a wide range of segments, from small enterprises to large government contracts. In several cases, ECT’s agility was key to securing new business, whether due to changing needs or requirements of a specific customer segment. During more than a decade, ECT supported our technology transition from legacy to IP, from 2G to 4G/5G and from hardware to software-based solution.

Crucially, ECT delivered very high performance in terms of resilience, stability and availability, which in our experience is unparalleled. This reliability is fundamental to sustaining a leading cloud-based telecoms service while also growing fast.”

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Fredrik Zetterlund OnePhone Founder and Former Executive VP, Group CTO

Together with OnePhone,
we provided a unique solution to convert legacy broadband into a driver for shareholder value.


BT had a large SMB customer base for broadband services and wanted to convert them into business mobile subscribers.


Without a FMC solution, it was difficult to get existing SMB broadband customers to make their employees also BT mobile subscribers. Product differentiation was needed to give SMB a reason to become BT mobile customers.


BT founded BT One Phone as a JV together with OnePhone Holding which was already utilizing ECT technology. The new fully convergent VPBX service was made to purpose – to get SMBs with BT broadband services to also become mobile customers.


In FY19-20, BT One Phone reported over 37% annual revenue growth with over 50% profit, and the company value grew to 320m GBP. Chris Sims, MD of Commercial & Marketing at BT and a BT One Phone director, “called out the product… as a key example of Enterprise’s progress in developing a converged services portfolio — one of the division’s top strategic priorities.”

And with our technology BT OnePhone has the flexibility to respond to emergency requests.


Due to Covid, the Scottish Prison Service could no longer allow prisoners to make calls in large common rooms with fixed-lined telephones, whereby personnel made sure that the prisoners did not call restricted destinations or use calls to harass people.


Prisoners have to be able to telephone as it is their legal right. However, normal mobile subscriptions could not be used, as this would allow prisoners to call any number. If not solved, this could have serious legal repercussions.


A low-code mobile solution composed in days: A prisoner can only call their list of friends and family. Prison staff can record calls and some calls are monitored. Before being connected, the called party is automatically informed that the incoming call is from a prisoner and can reject the call, preventing harassment.


BT gained the Scottish Prison Service as a customer, further re-enforced the power of their brand and gained further traction within the public sector.

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ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at Proximus
ECT’s Telecoms Low Code Makes it Possible,
for instance, at VodafoneZiggo

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