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Operational Agility

In the last quarter century we’ve been in this business, the four key requirements of CSPs, and, indeed, of their customers, have remained more or less unchanged: time-to-market, market responsiveness, stability and reliability as well as commercial viability.

From market study to business plan to technical specification to development to integration: we are all familiar with this waterfall approach and how poorly it often satisfied the aforementioned requirements. It’s no wonder that in this “old” world many communications service providers saw themselves as Behemoths, too slow to respond to changing customer requirements in a timely fashion. But the good news is that this situation has changed radically.

Telecoms Operational Agility

The many drawbacks associated with waterfall development, planning and implementation, not to mention the possible misinterpretation of customer requirements and the lengthy specification process, are now avoided by applying agile methodology and DevOps principles.

Due to the fast-changing needs of today’s market, CSPs and their customers are now using agile methodology, at least in the IT world. With the Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP), CSPs can also agilely develop services in the telecoms network.

The T-LCAP allows innovation and product teams to use agile iterations with validated learning through experimentation. They run their build-measure-learn loops effectively using no-code application composition with only limited support, if any, required from the experts of the IT department (sometimes affectionately referred to as the ‘no’ department). Via the CitizenTool, business people in product and customer experience teams build minimum viable products (MVP), getting user feedback each iteration along the way to ensure fit for use and customer acceptance. The underlying Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) are prebuilt by professional developers and utilize the tried-and-true telecoms components of the T-LCAP, thus ensuring scalability and reliability.

At ECT, all development is agile. In our complementary Joint Agile Product Development Program, you can co-develop innovations with us and our ecosystem.

In addition, we can also provide an ECT Agile Development Squad dedicated to continuously improve the business outcomes of your products.
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